Amir Chaluts, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chaluts has vast experience in ground-up construction, gut renovation and new development of rental and condominium housing. He is a true visionary, seeing the growth potential of investment in the Lower East Side and Murray Hill neighborhoods in New York, helping to transform and invigorate these sought-after areas. Mr. Chaluts is a virtual powerhouse in identifying, recognizing and improving underperforming properties in emerging and established neighborhoods—transforming them into properties of maximum value. His role in the company is to source, acquire and finance new projects. Mr. Chaluts is unparalleled in his ability to structure deal terms and consummate innovative transactions. He currently heads up the firm’s newest condominium and retail developments in Manhattan, as well as international developments including the expansive Toronto waterfront mixed-use development.

Jane Gol, President

Ms. Gol has extensive experience in real estate investment and development from residential to commercial and retail. She is instrumental in the negotiation and structuring of each acquisition, and is also responsible for the oversight of new projects. She plays a key role in the company’s investment decisions and development processes. During the course of each project, Ms. Gol’s expertise enables her to engage and lead a team of professionals who partner with CV to deliver a most exceptional product. With her strong knowledge of the New York real estate market and sharp eye for detail, she also governs design and marketing for CV’s new projects. Her passion for strategic real estate development and growth in New York City is ever present. Ms. Gol is proud to have served as a Commissioner on the New York City Planning Commission under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She is also a former member of the IDBNY Bank Board of Directors.

Shoshana Isakov, Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Isakov is the Chief Financial Officer of CVR and is responsible for directing the company’s financial policies and oversees all financial functions. Mrs. Isakov brings more than ten years of accounting experience focused on real estate development, construction, and property management. From her initial work in the banking industry, Mrs. Isakov joined a real estate management firm and subsequently a development firm where she acquired her skills and experience in construction and residential accounting. Mrs. Isakov received a BA degree in Accounting and Information Systems with a minor in Economics from Queens College.

Pearl Shertzer, Director of Management

Ms. Shertzer is responsible for the management and operation of the company’s residential units and commercial spaces. Her oversight includes building maintenance, tenant relations, marketing, staff management and project administration. Ms. Shertzer graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and brings over 20 years of management and marketing experience to her position.

Benjamin Gordon, Vice President of Development

Mr. Gordon has worked with Continental Ventures for over eight years. He is instrumental in the evaluation of each potential property presented to the company, and provides careful research to identify those that will lead to asset growth. His ability to model and analyze new opportunities allows CV to quickly and efficiently select and negotiate new development properties. Mr. Gordon plays an active role in the coordination of design, construction and delivery to ensure timely completion and maximum benefit to the company’s portfolio.