Experts in real estate development, ownership and property management

Since its inception, the company has commanded a respected position as a key player in the real estate industry, with a diverse and expanding asset base throughout the United States and Canada.

Continental Ventures possesses unparalleled market knowledge and in-house talent with a proven track record of success. The firm’s breadth of professional experience—coupled with its financial prowess—optimize the outcome and bottom line of every project, whether a boutique residential building or a major ground-up residential/commercial mixed-use development.

Broad capabilities with a keen eye for creating value and excellence enable CV to:

  • identify market opportunities
  • swiftly secure investments
  • structure deals efficiently and creatively
  • streamline all approvals
  • transform concept into reality using the best professionals, building materials, finishes and technology
  • implement creative marketing strategies
  • sell/lease out to enhance the end result

CV has generated substantial investment returns, through strategic long-term growth plans that address risk and profitability, and involve constant testing, analysis and redesign of building protocols.